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Uplifting biography by Ingrid Kern earns positive review from Kirkus Reviews

The semi-monthly book review magazine reviewed the Senior Olympian’s book.

“A guide for aspiring senior athletes and an inspirational shout-out to victims of abuse,”
This is what Kirkus Reviews said of Ingrid Kern’s memoir Triumph: Taming the Monster Within (Dog Ear; 2016).
Such is the honor for the author who had it hard in life.

Triumph tells how Kern, a model, senior Olympian, published author, award-winning poet, and real estate agent,
overcame what she calls “the Monster within,” which is the fear that she was not good enough,
she would not succeed, thus she might as well not try. The lack of self-esteem and belief in herself was caused by a highly abusive, alcoholic father who not only belittled her but also physically abused her.
As she grew up, she constantly wrestled with “the Monster within.”

Though Triumph shares the memorable yet heartbreaking details of the author’s childhood and family life, the book details at length her life fast forward 2004, when she was living in Los Angeles and learned about the Senior Olympics from a casual acquaintance. Despite the demands on her time as a real estate agent, apartment manager, part-time interior design consultant, and author, she returned to training. The author also kept a journal, which details made it into the book.

“So much of the very ably written text is devoted to the minuscule details of her training program that readers not involved in athletics will likely become restless,” said Kirkus Reviews. “But her story of overcoming layers of damage caused by her father’s violent attacks is compelling.”

Be inspired by Ingrid Kern’s story.

Quote: Ingrid Kern’s victory over her personal obstacles
proves a rewarding and fulfilling adulthood comes possible even after a painful childhood.